Old Buddy Old Pal

A Novel for Adults (1999)

Alan is Burt’s best friend. Burt admires Alan, envies him, covets his wife, and can’t figure him out. Alan, meanwhile, barely notices Burt as he struggles to get rich and yearns for a long-lost girlfriend. All of this is about to change, though. An adulterous affair will soon turn this fading ten-year friendship into a whirl of unexpected confessions, resentments, reawakened closeness, and broken hearts.

“…this deceptively simple first novel… with sharp observations and crisp dialogue… rings true about the strains of friendship.”
Publishers Weekly

“The story is funny, emotional, touching, gutsy, strong, sharp, unpretentious and sexy. A tale about friendship and all its reverberations and idiosyncrasies and perils, disappointments, highs and delights. This is a spirited engaging novel.”
— Stephen Dixon


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